HIV and Your Heart


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HIV and Your Heart exists to help people living with HIV make positive changes in life to achieve better heart health and a normal lifespan. Cardiovascular disease is now one of the top causes of death for HIV+ individuals. But evidence shows that by reaching 7 Heart-Health goals and 2 HIV wellness goals, a normal, healthy life can be achieved even with an HIV+ diagnosis.

This informative app has over 90 minutes of positive, uplifting videos, from personal stories to advice from leading physicians, to help those living with HIV enjoy a long and healthy life. Users can interact with the app's planning and tracking tool to set wellness goals and follow the steps to reach those goals. The app also includes optional social media links. The user can chose to share information via Facebook, Twitter or Youtube and engage with others interested in or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Alternatively, the app has a full suite of confidentiality features; the desktop icon is simply labeled "Your Heart" and users can password protect the information if they wish. All videos contained within were written and produced by Left Brain Media, and were science approved by the American Heart Association and the American Academy of HIV Medicine. Initial download is large due to a request from physician offices not to require web access for videos.

Target Audience

Medical and wellness education for anyone interested in HIV/AIDS and good health.

If you or someone you care about is affected by HIV/AIDS, discover the good news about living a long and healthy life. People living with HIV who stay on treatments can now expect to enjoy a full life span. However, having HIV increases the risks for heart disease. But by learning to incorporate healthy behaviors, you can reduce your risks and enjoy the benefits of healthy living.


Whether you'd like encouraging how-to's or in-depth explanations of science, you'll hear from leading HIV physicians who care about your wellness. Using positive and uplifting videos, you can discover what you need to know to live a long and healthy life.


Our interactive tracking tool helps you define your goals begin the steps you need to make changes.


The icon for your desktop is just labeled "Your Heart" to preserves your confidentiality. It. You may also password-protect the information you enter into the application.

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